9781433527920-TGCB Christ's Redemption-Willson, Sandy (Editors Carson, D. A.; Keller, Timothy)

TGCB Christ's Redemption

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Willson, Sandy (Editors Carson, D. A.; Keller, Timothy) | Crossway


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Pastor Sandy Willson shows that Christ's redemption is central to the Christian message and offers hope to a lost world. What separates Christianity from other religions? What makes the Christian message distinctly Christian? In this new booklet from the Gospel Coalition, pastor Sandy Willson demonstrates that Christianity is most fundamentally Christ's redemption. Willson traces the life of Christ, noting his humility before the cross and his exaltation after his death. He shows how Christ redeems us by accomplishing what we could not do. As our representative and substitute, Christ restores us to fellowship with God. This booklet is a helpful resource for those wanting to understand why the Christian message is distinctive.

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