9781433527753-TGCB Plan, The-Smith, Colin S. (Editors Carson, D. A.; Keller, Timothy)

TGCB Plan, The

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Smith, Colin S. (Editors Carson, D. A.; Keller, Timothy) | Crossway


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From eternity past God has had a perfect plan for the world. The Fall and entrance of sin into the world did not surprise Him, nor did it detract from His plan. All things have been sovereignly worked to this end. What exactly is this plan, and where do we learn about it?

In this new booklet from The Gospel Coalition, Colin Smith demonstrates that God's plan is shown in the Bible and centres around His promise to bring sinners to eternal life, through Christ, for His glory.

The Old Testament tells the story of the making of the promise, which is fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God's people, the church, spread the good news of this promise to the world, and the Holy Spirit is given to believers as the seal of the promise.

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