9781433527715-TGCB Can we Know the Truth-Phillips, Richard D. (Editors Carson, D. A.; Keller, Timothy)

TGCB Can we Know the Truth

Product Code: 9781433527715

Phillips, Richard D. (Editors Carson, D. A.; Keller, Timothy) | Crossway


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In today's postmodern world, truth is increasingly difficult to define and defend. The quintessential questions we find ourselves asking are, 'Is there such a thing as truth?' And, if so, 'How are we to define what truth is?' The Bible is very clear: all truth comes from God, and he has made it known to us.

In this Gospel Coalition booklet, Richard Phillips answers the question, 'Can we know the truth?' He points us to the Bible as the revelation of God's character and his design for our lives. Refuting postmodern objections, Phillips explains the role of truth in the Christian life and demonstrates truth put into practice.

This is a great booklet to distribute to those asking if we can know anything with absolute certainty.

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