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Preaching: A Biblical Theology

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Do you know what makes for good preaching? The pastor opens with a funny joke, strings together a series of disconnected Bible verses and clever anecdotes and then closes with an inspirational quote. But is this the kind of preaching that most glorifies God, honours his Word and edifies his people?

In Preaching: A Biblical Theology, pastor Jason Meyer examines the biblical precedent for preaching in both the Old and New Testaments and offers practical guidance related to the what, how and why of expository preaching for today.

"Jason Meyer offers a sterling contribution to the practice of expository preaching - not only affirming its historic benefits, but also helping us see how to interpret each aspect of Scripture in light of the development of the Bible's whole message."?
- Bryan Chapell, President Emeritus, Covenant Theological Seminary; Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois

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