9781433519512-Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life-Fitzpatrick, Elyse

Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life

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Fitzpatrick, Elyse | Crossway


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God's love has the power to change lives. Christians, then, should exhibit the greatest transformation of all because, rightly understood and cherished, God's love makes them increasingly more like the One who has lavished his love on them. So why do we so often struggle to exhibit God's love?

Biblical counsellor Elyse M. Fitzpatrick asks one simple question: "In your pursuit of godliness, have you left Jesus behind?" We need to be rescued from our 'identity amnesia' and pointed to our true identity as God's beloved children - adopted by the Father, united with the Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Fitzpatrick shows how a genuine transformation of identity leads to a transformation of our daily lives.

"What Elyse Fitzpatrick has written is inspirational and overflows with practical application that pushes me to take the gospel into the otherwise private corners of my life."
- Edward T. Welch, Counsellor and Faculty Member, Christian Counseling & Education Foundation

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