9781433503665-Becoming God's True Woman-DeMoss, Nancy Leigh (Editor)

Becoming God's True Woman

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DeMoss, Nancy Leigh (Editor) | Crossway


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This book is a charge to women to recover what the feminist revolution has robbed them of: the God-given beauty, wonder and treasure of their distinctive calling and mission.

The feminist revolution was supposed to bring women greater fulfilment and freedom. Yet women today feel anything but fulfilled and free because they have lost the distinctiveness and richness of their calling as women.

Now a movement is spreading seeds of hope, humility, obedience and prayer - a call to return to godly womanhood. Its truth will resound in the hearts of readers through the powerful messages of Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Susan Hunt, Mary Kassian, Carolyn Mahaney, Barbara Hughes, P. Bunny Wilson and Dorothy Patterson.

Though each author approaches the subject of godly womanhood differently, a thread runs throughout that will instil joy and delight at the greatness of God's created order and the part he wants women to play in his grand, redemptive plan. Includes a study guide.

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