Marriage God's Way

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McClean, John; Sarkoezy, Sheryl; Wright, Fiona | Gospel, Society & Culture


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A series of studies from the Gospel, Society and Culture Committee of the PCNSW.

"Marriage God's Way is a much needed resource at a time when our understanding of marriage and gender is undergoing radical re-definition. Not only do the studies provide a safe and pastorally sensitive forum for discussion, they are also uncompromisingly founded in God's word, the Bible. I look forward to using Marriage God's Way in Bible study groups, with teenagers and one to one with other women. It is my hope that these studies will also be used as a resource to help non-Christian friends understand God's view on marriage." -- Carmelina Read


"In our society, marriage has undergone decades of deconstruction: From the sexual revolution of the 1960's, to the proliferation of de facto relationships and easy divorce laws. And now, the latest, the concerted effort to redefine marriage out of existence. This is a time for Christians to think clearly from the Bible about marriage. Marriage God's Way is a great resource to help us to do that." -- Sandy McMillan


"These studies present a clear biblical foundation for marriage in a refreshing, sensitive and thought provoking way. They will help you see the practical outworking of the Scriptures in your life and in the church community. I really appreciated that they tackle some of the real and difficult issues of divorce, abuse, childlessness, remarriage very sensitively and respectfully (something I don't usually find in Bible studies, so thank you!)." -- Chris Quirk

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