9780994616609-When the Lights Go Out: Memoir of a Missionary to Somalia-Myors, Ruth

When the Lights Go Out: Memoir of a Missionary to Somalia

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Myors, Ruth | Acorn Press


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In 1960, Ruth Myors left Australia to work as a midwife with the Somali people. For over two decades, she worked in a hospital in Somalia, a village in Ethiopia and in radio ministry in Kenya. During this time, government decisions, coups, communist takeovers, natural disasters, sudden deaths and other misfortunes disrupted plans and brought about unexpected changes in Ruth's life.

In this book, Ruth describes how these experiences have shaped her and shown her that God is faithful, and that even during the darkest periods, His light shows the way ahead.

"This personal account resonates with passion for God and people. It bounces with life, with joy and humour, and Ruth shares sadness and pain as well. Like Ruth herself, the book is open, honest, joyful. It is a continuation of that great saga of God's mission which started in the Acts of the Apostles and continues as God works today through his Spirit."?
- Colin Reed, Former missionary in Africa; Former staff member, NSW Branch of the Church Missionary Society

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