9780992338305-Echoes of Jesus: Does the New Testament Reflect What He Said-Clerke, Jonathan

Echoes of Jesus: Does the New Testament Reflect What He Said

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Clerke, Jonathan | IceFire Publishing


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Are Jesus' words reflected in the pages of the New Testament? Many find it impossible to believe Jesus' words were recorded accurately because He did not write the New Testament Himself and there were no mechanical or electronic methods of recording His teachings.

This apologetic book presents evidence that the New Testament is an accurate portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus. It:
- Illustrates how literate and historically aware the ancient civilisations were before and during the life of Jesus
- Explains how it was possible for the first disciples to record Jesus' life and teachings accurately
- Provides a highly readable discussion of ancient New Testament documents and their accuracy in copying over hundreds of years
- Discusses the content and credibility of non-Christian ancient literature that comment on Jesus and the first Christians
- Combines scholarship in archaeology, history and theology into an understandable journey of discovery suitable for Christians and non-Christians

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