Liberty to the Captives: Freedom from Islam and Dhimmitude through the Cross

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Durie, Rev. Mark | Deror Books


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Liberty to the Captives is a resource for equipping the church to respond to the challenge of Islam. Mark Durie presents unique resources for ministering freedom from the yoke of Islam, both for those who have lived as non-Muslims under Islamic dominance, as well as those who have come to Christ out of a Muslim background.

Liberty to the Captives identifies the dhimma pact of surrender to Muslim rule, and the shahada - the Muslim confession of faith - as covenants which must be rejected and renounced by followers of Christ. It explains why this is necessary, and how to do it.

The prayers and declarations provided here have been tested across four continents and have proven value for setting people free from fear, breaking spiritual strongholds and releasing men and women to be bold and effective witnesses to Muslims of the saving power of Christ.

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