9780977080779-Caught off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God-Smith, William P.

Caught off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God

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Smith, William P. | New Growth Press


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In his book, William P. Smith bridges the chasm between the heart and the head. Where is the reality of God in the middle of careers and groceries? Why are so many believers frustrated with the enormous gap between what they know about God and how they actually live?

In Caught Off Guard, author William P. Smith graciously addresses these seekers who have become dissatisfied with merely 'talking theology' and instead yearn to taste and experience the 'real thing', a God who longs for relationship with them.

"Too often, we as Christians are absolutely shaken when God moves outside the box in which we've placed him and calls us to accept circumstances that we never imagined could possibly come from him. In Caught Off Guard, it is obvious that William Smith has learned the dangers of limiting God. He powerfully calls readers to follow our wild and uncontrollable Creator into a world of deeper trust and wonder!"
- Doug Herman, Author of Time for a Pure Revolution

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