9780972304689-Lost in the Middle: MidLife and the Grace of God-Tripp, Paul David

Lost in the Middle: MidLife and the Grace of God

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Tripp, Paul David | Shepherd Press


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The Bible never discusses midlife, just like it never discusses teenagers. Yet the Bible is able to address any of life's experiences because it was written by the One who made them all. You will face things in midlife that beat at the borders of your faith, but you do not have to be lost in the middle of your story.

You do not have to be paralysed by regret, defeated by aging and discouraged by the passing of your dreams. This middle period of life, which can seem like the end of many things, can actually welcome you to a brand new way of living. As is so often the case in your walk with the Lord, this moment of pain is also a moment of grace.

"Regardless of your age or perceived level of personal crisis, you'll read your story in the pages of this book and be encouraged by the relevance of these timeless truths."?
- Don Whitney, author, Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Southern Seminary

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