9780966378610-Young Peacemaker, The: Teaching Students to Respond to Conflict God's Way-Sande, Corlette

Young Peacemaker, The: Teaching Students to Respond to Conflict God's Way

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Sande, Corlette | Shepherd Press


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This illustrated curriculum is designed to help you teach your children or students to respond to conflict properly, rather than allowing it to escalate sinfully. It addresses such questions as “What is at the heart of conflict?” • “Is it possible to honor God in conflict?” • “How can I take responsibility for my part in a conflict?” • “How can I go and talk to someone if we’re fighting?” • “How can we be friends again if there’s a wall between us now?”

Each lesson is divided into six sections:
1. Setting the stage: Introduction, review of previous lessons, discussion questions, story
2. Lesson: Biblical principles of peacemaking, with optional role-playing to help apply and solidify the principles
3. Wrapping it up: An encouraging summary of the lesson
4. Activities and personal application
5. Dig into the Word: Relevant Bible passages and applicable Bible stories
6. Lesson summary: Memory verse, key principles, and summary of main points.

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