9780890512388-Buried Alive: The Startling Untold Story About Neanderthal Man-Cuozzo, Jack

Buried Alive: The Startling Untold Story About Neanderthal Man

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Since the first cave discoveries in Germany's Neander Valley, we have been fascinated by these thick-browned, powerful creatures. Who were they and where did they go?

A centrepiece in the study of human evolution, Neanderthal Man has, by his own mysterious demise, created more questions than he has answered. But what if Neanderthals could answer for themselves and tell us about their origins?

Now, for the first time, that is possible through the original research of Jack Cuozzo. Fascinated by Neanderthal Man for over two decades, Cuozzo, an orthodontist, has fashioned a research book that will clutch the attention of scientists and laypersons alike, for the Neanderthal family has finally emerged to tell a shocking story.

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