9780875525174-Symphonic Theology: The Validity of Multiple Perspectives in Theology-Poythress, Vern S.

Symphonic Theology: The Validity of Multiple Perspectives in Theology

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Poythress, Vern S. | P&R Publishing


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The truth of God is rich and multifaceted. Though a coherent body of revelation, the Bible comes to us through a variety of inspired authors, metaphors, and themes highlighting the many facets of God's truth. Likewise, our theological formulations capture manifold emphases-distinct perspectives on the whole - which collectively enable us to gain a fuller understanding of the truth. Poythress explains, We use what we have gained from one perspective to reinforce, correct, or improve what we understood through another. I call this procedure 'symphonic theology' because it is analogous to a blending of various musical instruments to express the variation of a symphonic theme.

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