9780852348505-Let God Be God: Songs of Hope and Consolation-Cook, Faith

Let God Be God: Songs of Hope and Consolation

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Cook, Faith | Evangelical Press


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"Some of these verses arose out of material I was reading in connection with the biographical accounts I was working on at the time. The majority, however, were written as a direct result either of sermons that had influenced me, books that I was reading or as an expression of God's personal dealings with me in correction, encouragement and comfort.

The quotations accompanying the lines are also largely drawn from books I have read that have stimulated and shaped my thinking. From time to time a number of friends have asked me if I would be willing to allow these verses, some of a quite personal nature, to be published. It is only the desire that others may find hope and consolation through these lines that has eventually persuaded me to do so."
- Faith Cook

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