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Anyone for Heaven

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Blanchard, John | Evangelical Press


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As a friend of mine often reminds people, 'We are not here to stay; we are here to go.' I am writing these words in a Consultant's waiting room in a London hospital. Some of the other patients are showing signs of great physical distress; moving reminders that the whole world is a hospital in which everyone is a terminal patient.

Even as you read these words you are fighting a losing battle with death, whatever your age or present state of health. What will happen to you when death wins?

"In this booklet on heaven, John Blanchard brings eternity to bear on the mind and the conscience - just as he did with his earlier work on hell. However, this booklet is even more accessible and is, in fact, a comprehensive evangelistic tract organised around the theme of heaven. Contemporary, readable and, above all, thoroughly biblical - an excellent book to give to a friend or neighbour."?
- The Rev Kenneth Stewart, Reformed Presbyterian Church, Glasgow

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