9780852348178-WCS Deuteronomy: God's Treasured Possession-Stewart, Andrew

WCS Deuteronomy: God's Treasured Possession

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Stewart, Andrew | Evangelical Press


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God's Treasured Possession records the sermons preached in the 40th year after the people of Israel had left Egypt, and which Moses preached on the plains of Moab, east of the River Jordan, just before the people of Israel were about to enter the land of Canaan.

This was a new generation of Israelites about to enter a new land with many dangers and temptations. The book of Deuteronomy has many lessons to teach us as it is a training manual in godly living, and in it we see how Moses trained the Israelites to live as God's people in God's land.

"Andrew Stewart has already shown his competence as a commentator with his previous volume on 2 Chronicles. Now he turns to Deuteronomy and explains the text with clarity... He understands both the text of Scripture and the need of Christian readers. Many will learn a great deal from this commentary as well as finding spiritual enrichment from it."?
- Allan Harman

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