9780851119762-New Dictionary of Biblical Theology-Alexander, T. D.; Rosner, Brian S. (Editors)

New Dictionary of Biblical Theology

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Alexander, T. D.; Rosner, Brian S. (Editors) | Inter-Varsity Press


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In recent years our knowledge of the individual parts of the Bible has increased greatly, but our understanding of how they fit together has not kept pace. In particular, the relationship between the Old and New Testaments has been a neglected field of study.

This Dictionary is an essential tool for students, preachers and ministers, as well as for scholars and others seeking a better grasp of the Bible's teaching.

The aim of this prestigious dictionary is to integrate the various biblical books and themes into the overarching story of the Scriptures. The volume embodies three perspectives on biblical theology, which are reflected in its structure.

"This well-produced reference book takes each Biblical book and explores the main themes within, whilst adding a bibliography of further reading material. A section between the Old and the New Testament takes a variety of seminal themes, such as faith, the family, freedom and God, and compares the way both the Old and New Testaments cover each one. This is a welcome addition to the selection of reference books available."
- Church of England Newspaper

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