9780851114705-NSBT Christ Our Righteousness: Paul's Theology of Justification-Seifrid, Mark A.

NSBT Christ Our Righteousness: Paul's Theology of Justification

Product Code: 9780851114705

Seifrid, Mark A. | Inter-Varsity Press


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Since the time of the Reformation, considerable attention has been given to the theme of justification in the thought of the apostle Paul.

In this new study, Mark Seifrid offers a comprehensive analysis of Paul's understanding of justification, in the light of important themes including the righteousness of God, the Old Testament law, faith and the destiny of Israel. A detailed examination of the theme in the epistle to the Romans is followed by a survey of the entire Pauline corpus.

The analysis incorporates a critical assessment of the 'new perspective', challenging its most basic assumptions; an evaluation of the contribution of recent German scholarship; and a reaffirmation of the 'Christ-centred' theology of the Reformers.

In this wide-ranging exposition of the biblical message of justification, Dr Seifrid provides a fresh, balanced reworking of Pauline theology.

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