9780851111728-BST Message of 1 Timothy & Titus-Stott, John

BST Message of 1 Timothy & Titus

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Stott, John | Inter-Varsity Press


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The Apostles overriding preoccupation throughout his Pastoral Letters is with the truth - that it may be faithfully guarded and handed on. John Stott is at pains to convey Pauls passionate concern for the future of the gospel, and for younger pastors charged with its care. Pauls concern is pertinent today. Contemporary culture, John Stott points out, is being overtaken and submerged by relativism and pluralism - an attitude that all so-called truth in fact can make no demand that others be converted to its particular view. The apostles unambiguous commitment to the definite truth of the gospel is in stark contrast to the contemporary spirit, and his concern for its future needs to grip us today.

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