9780830829668-RCS New Testament 03: Luke-Kreitzer, Beth (Editor)

RCS New Testament 03: Luke

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Kreitzer, Beth (Editor) | Inter-Varsity Press


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Reformation commentators meditated upon the significance of the good news of Jesus Christ during a vibrant era in the history of the church that was characterised by spiritual renewal and reform, doctrinal controversy, and the overriding desire to understand the meaning and implications of Scripture for Christian belief and practice.

While in many ways similar to the other Synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of Luke also testified to this good news through unique material, including the announcement of Jesus' birth to the shepherds in the fields, the parable of the prodigal son and Jesus' appearance to his disciples on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection.

In this volume, Beth Kreitzer skilfully leads readers through the rich diversity of Reformation commentary on the Gospel of Luke. Readers will be able to listen to both well-known and lesser-known voices from a variety of theological traditions. By drawing from an array of Reformation resources - including commentaries, sermons, treatises and confessions - this volume will equip both pastors and scholars to understand better the depth and breadth of Reformation commentary on this important Gospel.

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