9780830829491-Reading Scripture with the Reformers-George, Timothy

Reading Scripture with the Reformers

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George, Timothy | Inter-Varsity Press


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In Reading Scripture with the Reformers, Timothy George takes readers through the exciting events of the sixteenth century, showing how this dynamic period was instigated by a fresh return to the Scriptures. This book shows how the key figures of the Reformation read and interpreted Scripture, and how their thought was shaped by what they read.

We are invited to see what the church today can learn from the fathers of the Reformation, and how these figures offer a model of reading, praying and living out the Scriptures.

"George's volume is especially helpful in analyzing the way in which the Reformers read and interpreted Scripture and why their approach is of continuing benefit to the spiritual life of the contemporary church."
- James M. Garretson, The Banner of Truth

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