9780802451545-Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild-Kassian, Mary A.

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild

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Kassian, Mary A. | Moody Publishers


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Inundated by popular culture, many women have lost their bearings and no longer trust the internal compass that intuitively affirms those things that are good, true and noble about womanhood. As Jesus' favourite and most powerful teaching tactic was the parable, it is appropriate that Mary Kassian walks the reader through the compelling tale of the wild versus wise woman found in Proverbs 7.

By using 21 points of contrast, the reader will be able to discern the difference between wild and wise. Then she can evaluate her own direction - is she living as a wise, biblically savvy woman? Or has she bought into the one our culture holds as ideal - the wild woman?

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild will captivate, convict and challenge women to become decreasingly wild and increasingly wise. It includes questions for personal reflection at the end of each chapter.

"This is a wonderful book with amazing insight into the hearts of women (and men!) who feel pressured by today's 'wild' culture - and also deep, spiritual insight into the Bible's wisdom regarding the beauty of true womanhood as God created it to be."

--- Wayne Grudem

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