9780802413277-Hitler's Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda-Lutzer, Erwin

Hitler's Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda

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Lutzer, Erwin | Moody Publishers


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"Deine Reich komme,"? Hitler prayed publicly - "Thy Kingdom come."? But to whose kingdom was he referring?

When Germany truly needed a saviour, Adolf Hitler falsely assumed the role. He directed his countrymen to a cross, but he bent and hammered the true cross into a horrific substitute: a swastika. Where was the church through all of this? With a few exceptions, the German church looked away while Hitler inflicted his 'Final Solution' upon the Jews.

This book is a chilling historical account of what happens when evil meets a silent, shrinking church, and an intriguing and convicting exposé of modern America's own hidden crosses. It is the story of a nation whose church forgot its call and discovered its failure way too late. It is a cautionary tale for every church and Christian to remember who the true King is.

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