9780801025327-Faith of Israel, The: A Theological Survey of the Old Testament (Second Edition)-Dumbrell, William J.

Faith of Israel, The: A Theological Survey of the Old Testament (Second Edition)

Product Code: 9780801025327

Dumbrell, William J. | Baker Academic


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This comprehensive survey introduces students to the theological emphasis of the entire Old Testament, from Genesis through Malachi. William J. Dumbrell demonstrates that the Hebrew Bible is not merely a book about ancient Israel. It's a book about God - His character, nature and work in history.

"Dumbrell is a well-trained and highly seasoned scholar whose historical, exegetical, and theological skills are evident throughout this erudite volume... This is the very best sort of Old Testament survey - one that not only teaches facts about the Bible but also shows the purpose and meaning of what you are reading."
- Douglas Stuart, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"All who care for high-grade canonical biblical theology should welcome Dumbrell's magnum opus. Clear and well-informed, thoroughly abreast of current scholarship, and full of good matter economically expressed, this is equally a textbook for students, a reference book for expositors and a guidebook for thoughtful laypeople who want to take the measure of the book of God. Dumbrell does the church masterful service in these close-packed, nutritious pages."
- J. I. Packer, Regent College

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