9780801018589-Last Days According to Jesus, The: When Did Jesus Say He Would Return-Sproul, R. C.

Last Days According to Jesus, The: When Did Jesus Say He Would Return

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While apocalyptic references appear throughout Scripture, it's the prophetic words of Christ that often attract the most attention from both sceptics and scholars. In this book, R.C. Sproul points us to passages where Jesus' teaching has been misread, ridiculed and dismissed, offering careful exegesis to compare and contrast various eschatological views.

In his characteristically precise and compelling style, he points us to the words of Christ as providing solid, biblical footing amid ever-shifting opinions about the age to come. He covers key questions, such as:
- What exactly did Jesus teach about the last days on Mount Olivet?
- What generation will witness the end?
- What did Paul teach in his letters?
- What did John teach in Revelation?
- When is the resurrection?
- When is the millennium?

Though much of the future is uncertain, Dr. Sproul reminds us that we can be certain "the future belongs to the people of God and to the kingdom of Christ."?

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