9780801016455-Growing God's Church: How People Are Actually Coming to Faith Today-McIntosh, Gary L.

Growing God's Church: How People Are Actually Coming to Faith Today

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McIntosh, Gary L. | Baker Books


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God does not change - but people do. The ways people are hearing the gospel and connecting with churches today are not the same as they were even twenty years ago. It stands to reason, then, that if we want our churches to grow - if we want the kingdom to grow - it's time to reevaluate the way we do outreach.

Based on ten years of comprehensive research, Growing God's Church unveils how people are actually coming to faith in the 21st century. Church growth expert Gary L. McIntosh answers questions like:
- How are new Christians hearing the gospel today?
- How are they finding churches?
- What makes them stay at a church?

"Gary McIntosh is one of the leaders in research on growing churches. Anyone who is interested in knowing about growing churches should read this book."
- Elmer L. Towns, Cofounder and Vice President, Liberty University

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