9780646956763-How to Respond to Marriage Equality-Medley, Bill

How to Respond to Marriage Equality

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Medley, Bill | Whine Press


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The same-sex marriage debate in Australia has reached the point where it may soon be subject to a plebiscite - a nationwide official survey that decides the will of the people on a matter. The outcome of that vote could affect more than just who has the right to marry. It may be critical to the future of our society in the next generation.

How should Christians respond in the lead up to this plebiscite? If there is a separation of church and state, should the church be included the debate? What can we say to those who oppose the view of marriage as one man, one woman? In this brief, helpful book, Bill Medley explains clearly what is at stake for the definition of marriage if this plebiscite goes ahead, and how Christians should respond in the lead-up.

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