9780310516385-Becoming Worldly Saints: Can You Serve Jesus And Still Enjoy Your Life-Wittmer, Michael

Becoming Worldly Saints: Can You Serve Jesus And Still Enjoy Your Life

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Wittmer, Michael | Zondervan


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Many Christians sense a tension between their desire to enjoy life in this world - the beauty of God's creation, the rich love of deep relationships with others - and the reality that this world is fallen and broken, in need of redemption. How can we embrace and thrive in the tension between enjoying creation and promoting redemption? By living out our God-given purpose.

As 'worldly saints,' created in the image of God, we are natural creatures with a supernatural purpose - to know and love God. Because we live in a world that is stained by the curse of sin, we must learn to embrace our nature as creatures created in the image of God while recognising our desperate need for the grace that God offers to us in the gospel.

"... well-written, it is easy to understand, and it sometimes made me laugh out loud. But more importantly, it is wise, balanced, thoroughly biblical, passionate for Christ and the gospel..."?
- Al Wolters, Professor Emeritus of Religion and Theology at Redeemer University College

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