9780310494966-Outreach and the Artist: Sharing The Gospel With The Arts-Campbell, Constantine R.

Outreach and the Artist: Sharing The Gospel With The Arts

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Campbell, Constantine R. | Zondervan


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Whether you are an artist whose talents are an untapped source of energy for your church, or a ministry leader wanting to involve artists and the creative arts in your outreach efforts, Outreach and the Artist will renew your vision.

Musician and biblical scholar Con Campbell offers encouragement, wisdom and practical tips for evangelism with, through, and to the arts:
- Evangelism with the Arts - Artists within the church usually have enormous untapped potential for outreach.
- Evangelism through the Arts - People's natural love for various artistic media provides a connection-point to exploring life's big questions with unbelievers in non-threatening and engaging ways.
- Evangelism to the Arts - Christian artists are uniquely positioned to make an impact in artistic networks, which often have no Christian witness or presence and tend to be shut off from conventional methods of outreach.

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