9780310449119-Reason to Believe: A Response To Common Objections To Christianity-Sproul, R. C.

Reason to Believe: A Response To Common Objections To Christianity

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Sproul, R. C. | Zondervan


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In Reason to Believe, R.C. Sproul answers the most common questions and objections raised by sceptics to the truths of the Christian faith. Using compelling logic, he addresses such questions as:
- Does the Bible contradict itself?
- Has science disproved the existence of God?
- What happens to those who have never heard of Christ?
- What about all the hypocrites in church?
- Why does God allow evil and suffering?
- Will non-Christians who never hear of Christ go to hell?
- Is it narrow-minded and bigoted to believe Christ is only one way to God?

Reason to Believe is no collection of pat answers and proof texts - it addresses each objection in a separate chapter, giving sound answers for people who want to do more than scratch the surface of Christian truths.

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