Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses and the Burning Bush

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Sproul, R. C. | Ligonier Ministries


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“The bush was burning, yet it was not consumed”

How can an unholy people stand before a holy God? Who is God, and what is His relationship to His creation? And how can we know Him? In Exodus 3, Moses saw a bush that was burning yet was not consumed by the flames. When he turned to look at it, God gave him one of the most profound theology lessons recorded in the Bible. There, God revealed Himself in a remarkable way, and as Dr. R.C. Sproul writes, His revelation in the burning bush continues to have relevance for Christians today.


  1. A Consuming Fire
  2. The Invisible Hand of God
  3. The Burning Bush
  4. The Glory of God
  5. God Comes Near
  6. Holy Ground
  7. AM: The Name of God
  8. AM: The Being of God
  9. AM: The Aseity of God
  10. A Divine Mission
  11. A Shadow of Christ

Also available as a DVD teaching series and Study Guide

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