9781845500160-Pastoral Visitation: A Pocket Manual-Short, David & Searle, David

Pastoral Visitation: A Pocket Manual

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Short, David & Searle, David | Christian Focus


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Visiting the sick, lonely or downcast is a duty we all have as Christians. It is not to be left to ministers or elders but is a responsibility for all those who seek to follow Christ's perfect example. The problem often arises when we actually make the visit. Discussing the weather or the hospital food is all very well but for our visit to have maximum value, we need to try and help the person spiritually.

Reading our favourite Bible passage might suffice once but it cannot be apt to every situation and what happens when you visit for a second time? This is where this book helps. Providing Scripture readings, a prayer and even a suggested hymn for a wide range of possible visits, it is a wonderfully useful tool.

Written by authors with long pastoral experience, it will prove a real help to all those who seek to turn the routine visit into a time of real spiritual growth.

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