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GBG Promises Kept: Bible Overview

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Meet the promise-making God as you travel through history, and see how He keeps all His promises in Christ.

God is a promise-making God. Throughout history, He has made huge, extravagant, wonderful promises to mankind. Crucially, God is also a promise-keeping God: what He says, He does. At a particular point in history, He fulfilled all of His promises in the life, death, resurrection and rule of one human - Jesus, a carpenter from a small Jewish town.

The good news is that God's promises are promises kept. This Good Book Guide will take you on a rapid tour of the whole story of the Bible as you explore this. Over 9 sessions, you'll travel from the beginning of the past, through our present, to the future. Each session you'll discover one of God's wonderful promises, and see how He kept it in Jesus.

"God-centered, application-oriented, and driven by the text throughout, this resource is a gift to God's church."?
- Matt Smethurst, Gospel Coalition reviewer and Master of Divinity student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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