9781908317070-Gospel Centered Family: Becoming the parents God wants you to be-Chester, Tim & Moll, Ed

Gospel Centered Family: Becoming the parents God wants you to be

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Many books aim to raise up competent, balanced parents and well-trained, well-rounded children. However, Tim Chester and Ed Moll focus on families growing God-knowing, Christ-confessing, grace-receiving, servant-hearted, mission-minded believers - adults and children together.

In twelve concise chapters, Gospel-Centred Family takes us through the major Bible principles for family life, challenging us to give up our 'respectable' middle-class idols, and to become the distinctively different people that God, through his gospel, calls us to be.

"Tim Chester understands what it means to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your daily life. So, in this very practical book about family life, he shows what it means to rest in grace as parents, to respond with grace to our children and to teach them to hope in grace themselves. This book is a must read for parents. It brims with encouraging grace and practical direction on every page."?
- Paul Tripp, Author and Conference Speaker

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