Westminster Confession Pack 1

Westminster Confession Pack 1

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This pack contains one copy each of:

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The Westminster Confession

This volume contains the Confession of Faith, the Larger and Shorter Catechisms, and the other principal documents to come out of the Westminster Assembly. The text is newly typeset, and biblical references are given in full. Later American revisions of the Westminster Confession are included in an appendix.

Confessing the Faith

In Confessing the Faith, Chad Van Dixhoorn offers a fresh look at the Westminster Confession of Faith. This accessible, biblical and thoughtful work digests years of study and teaching into bite-sized sections.

Van Dixhoorn's work is historical and practical in its focus. It deliberately presents readers with more than another survey of Reformed theology - it offers a guide to a particular text, considers its original proof-texts, and seeks to deepen our understanding of each paragraph of the Confession.

Confessing the Faith Study Guide

This study guide is a resource that aims to make group study easy. The questions stick closely to the text of Confessing the Faith and follow the chapter subheadings that you will find there. Some questions cover essential doctrines; others explore scriptural passages; still others promote personal application. Each chapter ends with a consideration for prayer.

Westminster Confession of Faith with Shorter Catechism

Arguably one of the most precise and accurate summaries of the content of Biblical Christianity ever set forth in creedal form.

Thoughtfully redesigned with visual imagery.

108 pages

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