Courtney Reissig Book Pack: Glory in the Ordinary & Teach Me to Feel

Courtney Reissig Book Pack: Glory in the Ordinary & Teach Me to Feel

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This book pack contains:

Glory in the Ordinary

Folding laundry. Weeding the garden. Cooking dinner. Changing diapers. Work in the home can seem so ordinary. Does any of it matter? Is there meaning in our most mundane moments at home?

When the work of the home fills our days, it is easy to get disillusioned and miss God's grand purpose for our work. As image bearers of the Creator who made us to work, we contribute to society, loving God through loving others - meaning there's glory in every moment. In this encouraging book, Courtney Reissig combats the common misconceptions about the value of at-home work - helping us see how Christ infuses purpose into every facet of the ordinary.

"Glory in the Ordinary is a needed reminder of the beauty and blessing of work within the home. Courtney Reissig reveals how serving others in small ways builds a lifetime of glorifying God."?
- Melissa Kruger, Author, The Envy of Eve and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood

Teach Me to Feel

Many of us suppress our feelings because we’re worried they are ungodly. Others of us are so led by our emotions that we let them dominate everything, including our faith.

In these honest, personal and uplifting meditations on 24 selected psalms, Courtney Reissig looks at emotions we all experience, ranging from shame, anxiety, and anger through to gratitude, hope, and joy. For each, she shows how the psalms give us permission to acknowledge how we feel before God, and how they can help us to use those feelings productively and faithfully.

This psalms devotional will give women a language to cry out to God to help them process their feelings, as well as help them to grow in their faith.

Today, we are told that "emotional intelligence" is essential for proper functioning in our personal and work lives. But can we rely on it? Courtney presents her readers with the richest possible source through which we may interpret and manage our feelings—namely, the psalms. Courtney helps us to praise and pray the psalms in the ups and downs of our own everyday experience now and through to the New Creation. Whether praising God or challenging sin, each chapter is a balm for the soul. I would have happily worked through another dozen psalms with Courtney!
- Leni-Jo McMillan, Women's Network and Training, City Bible Forum, Perth, Australia

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