9781845503604-Bible Delight: Heartbeat of the Word of God (Psalm 119)-Ash, Christopher

Bible Delight: Heartbeat of the Word of God (Psalm 119)

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Ash, Christopher | Christian Focus


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This book is the first in a series of looking at the culture and context of preaching and teaching. Bible Delight unlocks Psalm 119 and explains:
- How to be delighted in the Bible
- How to get your bearings in the longest psalm
- What each of the 22 sections means
- What your reaction should be through Personal Response Questions

"For the busy, sometime burdened, Christian worker, ever giving out, here is proper nourishment for the soul. I suggest a section a day! For me it is marvellously real and refreshing."?
- Dick Lucas, Formerly Rector of St Helens Bishopsgate, London

"... It is always a wonderful tonic when a fairly familiar passage of the Bible is faithfully taught and explained with fresh understanding and application. Christopher Ash opens up Psalm 119 so that heart, mind and will are touched with the result, which he intends, that we can understand it, feel it and sing it. I simply loved Bible Delight and it will enrich Quiet Times much more than the 22 days suggested."?
- Jonathan Fletcher, Minister, Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon, London

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