9780851516899-PPB The Art of Prophesying: And the Calling of the Ministry-Perkins, William

PPB The Art of Prophesying: And the Calling of the Ministry

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Few things are more evident in contemporary churches than the decline in the importance attached to what is said from their pulpits. The deeper tragedy is that in many places the church has become a valley of dry bones. Something is needed to waken the dead and to breathe new life into the people of God.

It was in similar times of need that William Perkins (1558-1602) exercised a preaching ministry of such power in Cambridge that it left an impression on both town and church which would last for decades. Perkins provides basic guidance to help all Christians to read and use the Bible intelligently. He has a particularly powerful message for those who lead God's people and especially those who preach.

The Art of Prophesying carries sparks capable of igniting a preacher. It should be beside every minister's desk as a book to turn to again and again. The Art of Prophesying will be invaluable reading to any layperson or lay minister seeking a spiritual renewal for themselves, their loved ones, or their communities of faith.

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