9781845500740-Messiah and the Psalms, The: Preaching Christ from all the Psalms-Belcher Jr., Richard P.

Messiah and the Psalms, The: Preaching Christ from all the Psalms

Product Code: 9781845500740

Belcher Jr., Richard P. | Mentor


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What is the relevance and significance of the Psalms both to the New Testament and to our lives in the 21st Century? Richard Belcher helps you understand how all the psalms relate to Christ. Some have a direct relationship, but with others the link is not so evident. He carefully explains the biblical basis for his view and then how it works with different types of psalms.

"Belcher successfully combines scholarship and devotion. His rigorous study of the psalms fuels passion for Christ. The reader cannot fail to derive much benefit from using this book as a guide to a Christian understanding and use of all the Psalter."?
- New Life, Australia's Christian Newspaper

"His love for Christ and Scripture are evident and he expounds psalms representative of particular genres, considering various ways each has been handled in terms of its application to Christ."?
- Geoffrey Grogan (1925-2011), Author, Former Principal of Glasgow Bible College

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