9781844745722-Life's Big Questions: Tracing 6 Major Themes Through the Bible-Roberts, Vaughan

Life's Big Questions: Tracing 6 Major Themes Through the Bible

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Roberts, Vaughan | Inter-Varsity Press


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How can sixty-six books of the Bible have a single message for us today? What unites the vastly different accounts of God's work in the world? How do various genres of the Bible work together?

Vaughan Roberts believes that the Bible tells a single story for all time. He draws out the Bible's message of Jesus Christ, and God's redemption through him, in six big questions:
- Who rules the world?
- What does it mean to be human?
- Are perfect relationships possible?
- How should we view money and things?
- How does the Holy Spirit work in our world and our lives?
- What is God's plan for the world?

This companion volume to God's Big Picture will not only help you to answer the questions listed above, but will give you tools to transform your own Bible study in the light of the whole story of God.

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