9781629952451-How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament: Twelve Steps from Exegesis to Theology-DeRouchie, Jason S.

How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament: Twelve Steps from Exegesis to Theology

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DeRouchie, Jason S. | P&R Publishing


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This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to observe carefully, understand accurately, evaluate fairly, feel appropriately, act rightly, and express faithfully God’s revealed Word, especially as embodied in the Old Testament.

- Follow an extensively field-tested twelve-step process to deepen understanding and shape theology (biblical, systematic, and practical).
- Engage with numerous illustrations from Scripture that model these interpretive steps.
- Learn how to track an author’s thought-flow, grasp the text’s message, and apply the ancient Word in this modern world, all in light of Christ’s redeeming work.

Loaded with examples, practical answers, and recommended resources, the twelve chapters will empower believers to study, practice, and teach the Old Testament as Christian Scripture, understanding and applying it in ways that nurture hope in the gospel and magnify the Messiah.

“I recommend this book if you have a wanderlust for exploring ancient treasures. There are many, and they are great. DeRouchie will show you how to find them.”
- John Piper

“I can’t help but think of how much less doctrinal error and how much more peace in Christ we would enjoy if we took theology as seriously and cheerfully as DeRouchie.”
- Gloria Furman

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