Reformed Dogmatics #04: Soteriology

Reformed Dogmatics #04: Soteriology

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Vos, Geerhardus & Baffin, Richard (Ed) | Lexham Press


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Like books, people can become 'classics.' Great in their day, but richer and more fulfilling with time. Not yet a classic, Vos's never-before-published Reformed Dogmatics is more like a lost Shakespeare play recently discovered.

--Michael Horton

Until recently, Reformed Dogmatics was only available in its original Dutch. But now you too can access Geerhardus Vos' monumental work of systematic theology. This brand-new English translation was edited by biblical theologian and Vos expert, Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.

In Volume Four, Soteriology, Vos discusses:
The nature of salvation
The evidence of salvation
The order of salvation (ordo salutis)
And more

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