Collected Prayers of John Knox, The

Collected Prayers of John Knox, The

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Najapfour, Brian G. (Editor) | Reformation Heritage


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"Here for the first time in a single volume are the extant prayers composed by the sixteenth-century Scottish Reformer John Knox. The outward circumstances of their origin reflect a lifetime of tumultuous events and ardent struggle for the advance of Christ’s kingdom in the face of entrenched political and ecclesiastical opposition. Similarly, their inward springs disclose a spirit steeped in the lamentation, confession of sin, hope for mercy, and confident trust in the providence of God that are characteristic of the Psalms, and a heart fixed on the perfect priesthood, sacrifice, and prevailing intercession of the Lord Jesus.

Prayers that originally appeared in settings as diverse as Knox’s History of the Reformation of Religion in Scotland, his letters to beleaguered congregations, or his manuals of worship are here conveniently arranged in a classification according to their theme and their suitable occasions."

--- from the foreword by R. Sherman Isbell

176 pages

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