9781845505721-Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam-Sookhdeo, Patrick

Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam

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Sookhdeo, Patrick | Christian Focus


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Have you ever watched a TV programme or read a newspaper article where a commentator clumsily illustrates his complete ignorance of Christianity and its claims? How often have you said to yourself, Well, why should I listen to them when they obviously haven't got a clue! How then can we expect to witness effectively to those of the Muslim faith if all that we know of Islam is picked up from passing references in the media? This fascinating book provides Christians with a simple description of the origins of Islam, what Muslims believe and how it affects their attitudes, worldview and everyday life and culture. Practical guidelines are given for relating to Muslims in a culturally appropriate way as well as for witnessing effectively and caring for converts. New edition with more background, information on the division of Islam and Jihad.

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