9781625641540-Gospel and Israel, The: The Edersheim Lectures-Morris, Paul (Editor)

Gospel and Israel, The: The Edersheim Lectures

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The mission of the church to the Jews is a unique one. The biblical, theological and practical issues differ from those with other groups because Israel was, and is, the people to whom God gave his promises. However, the unbelief of many Jewish people and the persecution of Jewish people in the name of Jesus makes mission to the Jews uniquely difficult, requiring considerable sensitivity.

The lectures in this book were part of a series organised by Christian Witness to Israel in Australia to explore this unique challenge and to encourage an intelligent, heartfelt and persevering interest in mission to the Jewish people.

The lectures were named the Edersheim Lectures after Alfred Edersheim, the well-known nineteenth-century Jewish Christian scholar and author who served in Romania as a missionary and in the United Kingdom as a pastor. Following his example, The Gospel and Israel engages in an in-depth examination of the various issues relating to the Jewish people and the Christian faith.

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