Dragons and Dragonslayers

Dragons and Dragonslayers

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This imaginatively illustrated book includes eight dragon myths from China, Greece, Japan, England, Iceland, and even America—and explains why we are telling these kinds of stories.

Who doesn't love a good dragon story full of swords, scales, and trickery? This imaginatively illustrated book for kids retells ten classic dragon stories from China, Greece, Japan, England, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, and even America.

We'll read of John Lambton, a boy who hooked a tiny, foul-smelling dragon while fishing—and lived to regret cutting it loose. We'll enjoy the strange stories of Thor trying to wrestle the World Serpent, or Susanoo using rice wine to outwit a dragon the size of eight hills. We'll shudder as we follow a hideous bird-dragon that terrorized Native Americans in Illinois.

Something in every one of us was made to fight dragons. In the Garden of Eden, it was a dragon that tricked our first parents, and, in the book of Revelation, that dragon is identified as Satan, our Accuser. At the end of Dragons and Dragonslayers, pastor and author Tim Chester explains why these stories resonate with us, and how we should live as a result.

98 pages

ILLUSTRATOR: Meghan Antkowiak

View an excerpt here.

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