Where to Start with Islam

Where to Start with Islam

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The step-by-step guide to evangelizing Muslims, from what they’ve been told to how to respond to when to use the Bible.

“I wrote this book to help Christians know where to start when it comes to understanding Islam and talking with their Muslim friends about the gospel. In my experience, the starting point is key...”

Samuel Green has spent more than two decades speaking with Muslims and finding out what they are taught about Jesus and his followers: that Jesus wasn’t crucified, the Bible is corrupted, and the Trinity is the weak point you won’t be able to explain. He has also come to realize that their book, the Qur’an, makes claims about Christianity and history that simply aren’t true.

Where to Start with Islam will equip you to understand and address these assumptions and know where to begin as you seek to present your Muslim friends with Christ and share with them about his wonderful gift of salvation.

This book covers how to share the gospel, incarnation, Trinity and cross with a Muslim. It assesses Muhammad as a prophet, answers the Muslim claims against the Bible, and gives you the relevant history you need to get started.

It's the approach to sharing the gospel with Muslims that doesn't require knowing all about Islam; it's all about knowing Christianity better.

272 pages

I have lived in the Middle East for 20 years. I don’t know of anyone who has done better work in understanding and answering the challenges of Islam than Samuel Green. Any Christian who wants to respond to Muslims with love and truth needs this book.

—J. Mack Stiles, Pastor of Erbil International Baptist Church, Iraq, and former IFES General Secretary in Dubai

Where to Start with Islam delivers just what it promises. Drawing on years of gracious, yet robust, engagement with Muslims, Samuel Green offers Christians an excellent primer to negotiating the religious discussions they will very likely have with Muslim friends and neighbours. Biblical, detailed and practical, I recommend it highly!

—Richard Shumack, Director, Arthur Jeffery Centre for the Study of Islam, Melbourne School of Theology

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