Sunny Side Up: The breakfast conversation that could change your life

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What event could change your life? Winning the lottery? Getting a promotion? Getting a degree? Scoring a home run, or a winning goal?

It might be hard to believe, but a breakfast conversation could be the most consequential event in your life!

Looking at the breakfast conversation between Jesus and Peter in John 21, we see how Peter’s life changed forever as he was challenged to step up and play his part in God’s big plan.

And Jesus has an exciting challenge for all of us today. As Jesus captures our hearts with his love and forgiveness, we’ll be motivated to be part of something truly extraordinary.

Perfect to read with men who you’d like to encourage to live all out for Christ or to give away at men's breakfasts.

112 pages

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  • Intro: The Most Important Meal of the Day
  • Ch 1: Heart-Healthy Options
  • Ch 2: Finding Our Place at the Table
  • Ch 3: Service with a Smile
  • Ch 4: A Side of Bacon
  • Ch 5: Cracked Eggs
  • Conclusion

There aren’t many books aimed at guys who are on the fringe of church and aren’t really readers, but Dan DeWitt has produced a great one! This book is straightforward, funny and pulls no punches as it walks us through Jesus’ breakfast with his friend Peter. Read it yourself and then read it with a mate – it will do both of you real good!

--- Gary Millar - Principal, Queensland Theological College

What an invitation the Risen Jesus gives Peter on that beach in Galilee - "Come and have breakfast"; and what a call he then issues - "Come, follow me"! As Dan DeWitt says, if we take this breakfast conversation to heart, it can radically change our lives.

--- Rico Tice - Senior Minister (Evangelism), All Souls, Langham Place, London

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